becoming the ultimate version of yourself takes time

mindbar will be taking some time

MindBar has learned a lot during the last few months.  Since launching in May, 2021, we have tested a variety of offerings, formats and schedules.  We have received amazing feedback from members, and now we are headed back to the cutting board to dial our concept in a little tighter.  THANK YOU for all your support, encouragement and patience. Please sign up for our mailing list and we will keep you updated.  You can expect a new look, new format and new teachers when we launch later this year.  
Nature Artwork
End Negative Cycles
Learn how to manage negative thoughts, anxiety and stress.
Nature Art
Improve Relationships
Learn healthy boundaries and bring EQ to all your relationships
Create Your Narrative
Make peace with your past, and manifest your future.

find real solutions to your real challenges

Stress management.  Emotional Intelligence.   Tools for Self Love.  And much, much more...