about mindbar

MindBar was founded by two Austin women on a mission to make mental health care more affordable, less formal, and more fun. Founder Hailey O’Neill and co-founder Barbara Nadalini-Priesnitz are passionate about fostering emotional intelligence, teaching therapeutic concepts and bringing a sense of community to a wide audience.  They believe that most people living with stress and anxiety don’t require medical treatment; they need tools to manage their stress and to see that they are not alone in their anxieties. 

O’Neill started her mental health journey in 2015, and soon encouraged family and friends to get in therapy as well.  Everyone seemed to benefit, and it sparked great conversation about real feelings, struggles, and strategies.  That's when her idea for MindBar began, based on her strong belief that when people have access to the type of tools and encouragement she found in therapy, they can’t help but thrive. 

"The MindBar model can reach a huge number of people who live in the gap:  they may not need one-on-one therapy or medical treatment, but they are burdened with anxiety and want more real connection."


Co-founder Barbara Nadalini-Priesnitz is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, and is equally passionate about giving people access to the tools and ideas that can actually make life easier and more enjoyable, without the struggle to deal with insurance reimbursement or large commitments of time and money.  Barbara’s own trauma history and struggles with relationships led her to individual therapy in her mid-30’s, which proved life-changing. She went back to graduate school in 2005 to become a therapist herself.  Before Barbara’s work in psychotherapy, she owned and operated a restaurant in the late 1990’s, and had a successful career in IT consulting.