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five women with different looks and shapes sit in their underwear holding signs that say "i'm beautiful", "i'm pretty", "i love myself" and "i'm awesome"

Learn the skills of radical body acceptance so that you can start feeling at home in your skin! In this 8-week series, Molly will teach you new tools each week to help build a strong foundation of radical body acceptance. Each week will build on the last so that you're growing and evolving with intention! The other critical component of this process is community and support. You will be doing this work in a community of humans going through these same types of struggles where you'll be able to connect and get individual feedback on the roadblocks that are showing up for you! After 8-weeks, you'll be walking away with tools that you are already practicing and integrating but a newfound sense of self, hope and excitement for what's to come!


Taught by Molly Seifert, a Body Image Coach and Mentor who believes that you can learn the skills of radical body acceptance in any body size. She loves watching people discover their inherent worthiness and step into the confident life they are meant for!

These topics will be covered during the workshop: 

Understanding our Body Image History & Redefining
Values-Driven Living
Uncovering your "magic"
Futurecasting your life with body confidence and Purpose statement building
Rewiring our thought patterns
Honoring your emotions
Understanding your needs for self-care
Reconnecting with your body & your purpose/ valuing your wholeness and goodness

Taught by Molly Seifert