​Our $99 monthly membership includes: ​

  • Unlimited live-online guided meditation and guided visualization classes (multiple weekly)

  • Unlimited peer support groups for anxiety, self-esteem, relationship stress (plus many more)

  • Monthly self-help book clubs, with two different book options each month

  • Monthly social member meetups (currently only in Austin, Texas)

  • 50% off our 8-session deep-dive Series on a variety of topics like: 

Managing Anxiety

Wellness through Yoga


Body Image + Health

Intention + Manifestation

Leadership and more!

Relationship Bootcamp

Attachment Styles

Is MindBar right for you?

  • How well are you managing your stress levels and relationships?

  • How would you rate your emotional intelligence?

  • How well are you taking care of yourself? 

At MindBar, we believe that self-care is a necessity, not a luxury, and we are on a mission to empower everyone to make themselves a priority. Working on your emotional intelligence is life-changing in terms of how it impacts your baseline anxiety, and how it improves your relationships across the board. MindBar takes the high-cost and hassle out of personal growth and emotional self-care. 

"When self-care is regularly practiced, the benefits are broad and have even been linked to positive health outcomes such as reduced stress, improved immune system, increased productivity, and higher self-esteem” 

Is $99/month a good deal? 

The value proposition at MindBar is massive.  You get unlimited access to over 25+ hrs/month of live, online guided meditation and guided visualization, expertly facilitated peer support groups on a wide variety of specific topics, self-help book clubs on the books you already love (or are going to love!), and member social events twice a month.  Plus you get 50% off our 8-session deep-dive series.  Compare all of that (for $99/month) to the cost of one therapy session, usually $150 or more!

How does the Membership work? 

When you purchase a monthly membership for $99, you receive unlimited access to all MindBar groups, classes, book clubs and social events.   New members will automatically receive half-off their first month of membership (applied at checkout).  Once you're a member, you can also sign up for Series at 50% off, a great value too!  Memberships auto-renew but can be suspended or canceled easily (write us at member-services@mind-bar.com, and give us one week notice, please.)  MindBar's Monthly Membership gives you access to 25+ hours of meaningful, personal growth and connection each month.  JOIN TODAY! 


What about the 8-session Series? 

  • MindBar Series are 8-session deep-dive courses on specific topics

  • Series Leaders are impressive! They are Therapists, Coaches and Specialists from many disciplines.

  • Most Series meet weekly for 90 minutes.  Some meet every-other week. 

  • Series are priced separately, and don't require a membership. But members get 50% off.

  • Series are paid in advance, not per-session.

  • Series are closed-groups (the same people attend all 8 sessions). 

  • Series allow you to build lasting relationships with others.  It's real.  It's vulnerable.  It's bonding. 

  • We know stuff comes up, but we hope you'll make a priority commitment to attend each session.   

  • Series pricing for non-members is $360 ($45 per session) - still more affordable than therapy!

  • Series pricing for members is 50% off or $180 ($22.50 per session) ​


Monthly Membership




No contract; auto-renews, cancel with one week notice; excludes Series


8-Session Deep-Dive Series

Member Price: 


Non-Member Price: